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We want to ensure that your Very Important Pet (“VIP”) is provided with constant care and consideration. OUTPAWS seeks to facilitate each individual client in consideration of your respective needs and the needs of your much beloved woof.

Every dog has its own individual personality and needs, which OUTPAWS will promise to acknowledge and satisfy. Overall, the OUTPAWS mission is unique in the dog walking market where our aim is to provide a personalised service, that both you and your woof will love.

OUTPAWS understands the special bond that we all have with our pets, and with this in mind, OUTPAWS understands the special bond you have with your pet and with this in mind , we also offer OUTPAWS Concierge Services as an add on for our clients.

OUTPAWS is also open to hearing and discussing any personal bespoke requests from clients, which you feel would benefit both you and your woof.




My biggest passion in life has always being animals, even from early childhood. Even in my previous life as a photographer and communications professional. I have always loved working with clients on animal events, brands and marketing campaigns. My own personal journey has brought me to understand and value the importance of animals and the positive impact; they bring to our daily hectic lives. So when the opportunity finally came to immerse myself completely into the animal world 24/7. I didn’t hesitate to take the leap of faith. 

I still have a passion for photography and I love capturing photos of your woofs. I’m thrilled to be able to utilize my passion for photography in my OUTPAWS Instagram images and stories. The photos and stories allow my clients and followers to follow the OUTPAWS gang every day.

In the future I intend to complete an MSE in animal behaviour and welfare and I’ll complete my training in Canine First Aid, in 2019. I also have a keen interest in canine nutrition & holistic health for our pets.

I'm passionate about always devising new ways to enhance the quality of my dog’s lives and I’ve future plans to launch a new type of doggie day care experience to include weekend woof retreats. I‘d also love to help Dublin to become the best dog friendly city in the future to help enrich the lives of our much loved four legged friends.

Specific Skills;

  • Familiar with dog training techniques;
  • Practical experience with handling dogs, both as a dog walker and sitter, with additional experience with young puppies and event horses to include foals and mares;
  • 10+ years' working with animals;
  • Dog owner;
  • Experience with working, handling and training animals;
  • Previous work professionally with several animal charities, canine brands and animal behaviour experts;
  • Currently working with Jim Stephens, Pet Behaviour Counsellor, on animal behaviour & training techniques.


Love is a 4 legged word with me



Brockagh, my 11 year old collie - mix, is chief OUTPAWS leader and is the resident doggie at the OUTPAWS office. Brockagh enjoys his adventure walks with his woof pals and visits from his regular OUTPAWS day-care gang


Testimonial Image

"When, I first met Laoise when she was organising the Pedigree Chum Dog spa at Ireland’s first Pet Expo.in 2006. She was utterly professional in her duties and displayed her obvious caring attitude towards dogs and people. From that time I have seen her passion for all animals, their welfare and requirements, but dogs remain her number one focus. Over the years she has shown and developed her knowledge of the breeds and has undertaken studies to improve her understanding of behaviour and training and I have been delighted to help her in her professional development. Her commitment to her new business of OUTPAWS reflects her personality and drive to innovate. She is honest, trustworthy, fun and caring and if her charges could talk they would unanimously agree that with Laoise, Life is more than a walk in the Park."

Jim Stephens

Owner at the Pet Behaviour Centre