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OUTPAWS provides a range of Dog walking services that include the following;

  • OUTPAWS Solo (Individual woof walks) are provided to the client, between 45 mins – 1 hour
  • OUTPAWS Gang – At OUTPAWS we value the success of our group walks and the opportunity for our woofs to have quality time and socialisation with other dogs, which includes playtime, post walk refreshments and a small healthy treat, plus rehydration and lots of cuddles after a rewarding and mentally stimulating walk.
  • OUTPAWS (Day Care) - OUTPAWS offers a personalised doggie minding service, providing all day care for your pet while you work. Your pet will spend the day with the OUTPAWS gang during the day and will be cared for at my home until collection time.* Please note this service is not suitable if you don’t wish to have your pet involved in group walks

* OUTPAWS day care currently has very limited availability due to high demand, but plans are in place to provide a service to cater for more dogs in doggie day care in early 2019.  Please note our OUTPAWS Dog Walking packages range from a minimum 20 minutes -2 hours depending on the OUTPAWS walk you select. Please note for group walks (between pick up and drop off) walks last up to 1 – 1.15 hour.

All solo OUTPAWS walks must be booked within 24 hours to request. All last minute bookings will charged an additional fee of €10.00.



"Laoise is exceptionally professional in her approach and very kind and caring with Maggie, our puppy. Maggie waits by the gate every day in anticipation of her walk with Laoise and returns home tired and happy after an entertaining and productive hour. Maggie has even begun to behave much better since her walks with Laoise started. I would recommend OUTPAWS to anybody who needs a caring and professional service for their loved pet."


M Jacobs

"I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic Laoise is!! From the moment we met her at our initial meeting I knew she was the right choice for us and Alfie absolutely LOVES her! She is a real animal lover with a heart of gold. He loves his OUTPAWS pals and going on his adventures.. he misses her on Saturdays & Sundays and is super excited when Monday rolls around again! I cannot recommend her highly enough. The change I see in Alfie is huge, he is much more content since starting his OUTPAWS walks and has no destructive puppy behaviour anymore because he is getting plenty of exercise & mental stimulation during the day. I wouldn’t leave my furry baby with anyone else!! And the daily photo updates are super cute!"


Erica Norton

"Fudge absolutely loves Laoise; she's fantastic and a true dog lover. He sits waiting for her arrival and gets so excited when he sees her, which is very cute to watch! Laoise takes such great care of Fudge, bringing him on a new doggy adventure each day with his pals. This gives us great comfort knowing that he's getting plenty of exercise and interaction with other dogs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Laoise."


Aisling O Carroll

"Currently taking a few days abroad and Laoise is walking my 2 dogs who I definitely over obsess about. Laoise is incredible with the dogs and gives me such a peace of mind that they are in the best of care. Laoise keeps me up to speed on pick up and drop off and sends me the most amazing photos of the dogs having the time of their lives on their walks. Cannot recommend this service highly enough. Thank you Laoise."


Michelle O Connor

"Laoise is without doubt the best thing that’s come into Alfie’s life... from squealing down the house when he sees her car pulling up to the look of pure content on his face after their adventures! I’m sure if Alf could talk he’d be sure to tell us he lives for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s!! Amazing service by an amazing dog lover."


Bridin Murphy

"This is a fantastic service - the walks are properly exciting and Marley just loves Laoise so much he can hardly contain himself when she comes to collect him. OUTPAWS has been a godsend when we have been getting work done in the house or on days when he would otherwise spend a long period of time on his own. Highly recommended."

Marley & Herbie

Kathy McGuinness