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The Pet Behaviour Centre

Healthier and happier pets.

We improve the lives of pets and their owners through a programme of education, behavior modification, positive reinforcement and training.

Jim Stephens BAHons Msc.CABC is a Pet Behaviour Counsellor with more than 35 years of experience working with pets, their welfare, training and policies affecting them. Jim is a specialist in dog and cat behaviour problems; particularly children and dogs.

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CDC Animal Therapy

CDC Animal Therapy was set up by Katarina Kmecova in 2018 and delivers a large variety of physical and complementary therapies, such as massage, joint mobilization, reflexology, photobiomodulation using red and infrared light, acupressure and many others. CDC Animal Therapy is located in Dublin and covers the county Dublin area.

The aim of the musculoskeletal treatment is to increase mobility, improve the healing process, provide pain relief, decrease recovery time after the injury or surgery, increase the blood supply into the tissue, deliver the nutrients and oxygen into muscles, remove toxins from the body and improve range of motion on individual joints.

Kat got qualified in Canine Sports Massage in January 2018 at The College of Animal Physiotherapy in the UK and is currently progressing her education with Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy as well as a canine hydrotherapy trainee.

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Pet Reiki + Custom Pet Portraits/Postcards

Renata Janusauskaite is Seichem Master and animal Reiki practitioner. She has a Bachelor’s degree and teacher’s qualification in Fine Art and Crafts. She lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

Renata has a huge passion for her craft and genuine curiosity for alternative holistic healing therapies led to studying Reiki.

Renata also creates bespoke animal postcards and portraits where she captures their true essence. The favourite part of her drawings are the eyes. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” is an old proverb that possesses a mystifying truth.

Please contact Renata directly for an individual quote on your custom designed Doggie Art or if you like to enquire about a reiki session for you or your pet.

Instagram: talamh_reiki
Mobile: 0857039686

Wedding Woofs

Many people would love to have their best friend and woof at their wedding. However logistically it can seem like a difficult task to consider. OUTPAWS is here to make it work,  whether you want your woof to be part of the whole day, or simply just for a quick visit and a photograph.

We provide several bespoke wedding grooming packages for your woof to make sure they look wooftastic on your big day. In addition, we can also arrange the drop off and pick up from the groomers that morning.

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Jessica McGurk Pet Photography

Jessica is a freelance photographer and a full-time dog lover! She can fulfill all of your doggy picture requirements and is available for hire, whatever the requests. Alternatively, Jessica can take your pup out at sunrise or sunset and make them look their best.

For more information and an introduction, email Laoise at and mention Jessica McGurk Photography and your pet photography vision.

Clare Kelly Pet Portraits

Clare Kelly is an artist, originally from Strabane in County Tyrone. She is currently living and working in the Midlands of Ireland, Mullingar. She has a B.A (hons) Combined Studies in art and design and from a variety of mediums she can capture your beloved pet. Claire has been a dog owner all of her life and she describes it as “simply a joy to create a special piece for you and your much loved pet”.

Clare can be contacted directly, if you wish to commission a personal portrait of your pet. She can be contacted by mobile on 0872263423 or by email at

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