Here for all of the little things – from elderly dog walks to vet appointment dropoff & collection

At OUTPAWS, we know that sometimes, the little things that we do for our pets, are the things that really count. Especially when we have a busy working day. So we have devised a range of doggie concierge services, which we think will help you to ensure we are on hand to step in and fill that gap when you can’t be there.

How OUTPAWS Concierge Works

Enter your information & schedule

Share a few details about yourself and your pet (breed, age, needs, etc) to help ensure you get a highly personalized quote

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We’re here for whatever you need to ensure your pet is being care for. Fill out the form to specify what we can help with and we’ll let you know what is possible and associated costs

Set up care & follow along

We’ll get the care you need scheduled in. You’ll receive pictures and videos of your dog enjoying their time along with a report of how the outing has gone (if requested)

Custom to You and Your Pet’s Needs

Dogs new to OUTPAWS will need to fill out introductory questionnaire. Prices available upon receipt of further information. Fill out the form on this page to get started!

Concierge Services Upon Request


Outpaws Elder walks (20 - 30 mins) and personal attention, is given to any medical requirements needed pre or post walk


Outpaws lunch time let out service (20 mins)


Puppy Group walks


Vet or groomer collection & pick up service


We also offer a house minding house call in service. If you want someone to drop in and feed the fish, the Guineas pigs are maybe put the lights on, or simply water the plants.

Not only does OUTPAWS, offer a professional pet care and bespoke service. Our concierge service will go even a step further to ensure whatever your woof needs need to be met. We will be on hand. OUTPAWS Concierge Service is simply there to facilitate, your needs and those of your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do we do? OUTPAWS is a luxury Bespoke Dog Business.  

It is one of the few business of its type in Dublin and Ireland catering for people who require a number of unique services for their pets, that are different from the average dog business. The target market for is based on dog owners who absolutely adore their pets and want to use the specialized services. Many people in Ireland today would consider their pets to be part or very much an integral part of their lives. 

Who's taking care of my dog?

At OUTPAWS, We pride ourselves on building individual relationships with your dog and trust with you. From the moment you make an enquiry for one of our services. You deal directly with OUTPAWS. You will receive individual attention, along with a free one on one meet & greet to access the best type of walk for your dog’s individual needs. Then we follow up with the walk plan for your woof, once booked. Outpaws  will then provide the service with our trusted team. Your dog will only ever be with the outpaws staff when he is/ she is on their walk.

Is OUTPAWS right for my dog?

The OUTPAWS ethos is based on a community love of our animals. We know our dog owner clients absolutely adore their pets and want to use the specialized services to bring the right experience for your beloved woof.

What kind of services can I request?

We are happy to discuss any request you may have. We want what is best for your dog, so please reach out and we can talk through whatever request you might have to see if OUTPAWS is. agood fit.

How do I pay for the service?

The outpaws service can be paid via bank transfer or if you are a regular client we can set up a monthly billing system for you in advance of the service that you will repeat monthly. If you want to trial the service. You have the option to purchase a OUTPAWS gift voucher for the value of the service you wish to receive.

When will I be charged for service?

You will be charged for your service by either paying a 50 booking deposit for a specific service i.e. dog minding/ daycare or a bespoke OUTPAWS service. Or you will be charged in advance if you wish to book your service immediately ie for OUTPAW walks i.e. solo or group walks.

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